Terms & Conditions

"BURAK PHILATELY" herein after, will be called "BURAK"

1- The materials offered in this auction are the ellers property. BURAK only acts as agent for the Sellers.

2-The Buyer shall be the highest bidder acceptable to BURAK. If a bidder is the only one to make a bid for the lot, that bidder acquires the lot for the starting price.  

The buyer acquires the lot for a value one step higher than the one offered by the last bidder. In case more than one written bids with the same figure are received, the lot shall be knocked down to the person whose bid was received first. All the prices given in this catalogue are starting prices only. It is not possible to bid under those prices.

The Auction Bidding Steps are as follows:

From 100 TL to 200 TL 10 TL
From 200 TL to 500 TL 25 TL
From 500 TL to 1.000 TL 50 TL
From 1.000 TL to 2.000 TL 100 TL
From 2.000 TL to 5.000 TL 250 TL
From 5.000 TL to 10.000 TL 500 TL
From 10.000 TL to 20.000 TL 1.000 TL
From 20.000 TL to 50.000 TL 2.500 TL
Above 50.000 TL   5.000 TL

Offers start at 100 TL.

3- BURAK guarantees that the descriptions in the online auction have been prepeared with fairness and accuracy. However, they should be taken for guidance only and it is necessary for the Buyer to examine the lots in advance. BURAK shall not be responsible for any discrepancies between the descriptions and the actual condition of the lot. All the visual material, like photographs, illustrations, etc., in the online auction list are strictly for guidance. They may not reflect the actual colour, tone, or the state of material.

4- The Buyer's premium is %15 of the sale price + VAT (%38) for ephemera and 15% of the sale price + VAT (%18) for book

5- BURAK can execute bids on its customers' behalf. This service is complimentary.

6- BURAK has the authority to deny people & their bids in auction hall without any excuse in case of a rude attitude or behaviour.


Once a lot is sold, the Buyer shall pay the sum in a method acceptable to Burak within 7 days from the date of sale. The ownership of a lot shall not pass to the Buyer until the payment is settled.

8- a ) The lots will be removed by the Buyer on his own account within 7 days from the sale.
    b) The ownership of a lot shall not pass to the Buyer until the payment is settled.

9- The lots can only be shipped to addresses located in Turkey.